August 27, 2012

Officially Overdue.

Like that favorite library book that I keep forgetting to return, this baby is now 4 days overdue.  These have been four of the longest and most agonizing days of my entire life.  Not only am I questioning every single little twitch or twinge of pain that comes from... down there... but I'm wondering if there is something wrong with me because Baby hasn't come yet.

Yes, I'm overly dramatic but damn it, this was not supposed to go this way.  Add a severe case of "Why ME"s to the equation and you have one very emotional and erratic Nicole to deal with... lucky Bean. 

Yesterday was just the most awful day I've had in a loooong time.  First, I was up since about 3 am because of severe acid reflux that just wouldn't go away.  At about 8 am, I was able to fall back asleep for a few hours until 10.  I wanted to take a quick shower and head out to the pharmacy to get some Zantac and lo-and-behold, the water main outside of our house broke.  I got soaped up and partially rinsed, but no hair washing in sight... I had to finish my "refreshing" shower with baby wipes... yay.  Then we left for the pharmacy, finally everything would be okay.  We were in the store for roughly 5 minutes and when we came out, our fairly new and nice car would not start.  Like nothing at all was happening.  Bean popped the hood and found that the battery casing had a big crack in it and had leaked all of the acid/water out... we had no power to do anything.  If you would have seen me in the parking lot of that store, you would have made a point not to make eye contact... here is a car with the hood up and a very pregnant woman sitting inside bawling.  Thankfully, my sister and her fiance lived pretty close so they were able to drive us home to get Bean's car so we could buy a battery.  Then off to Sam's Club, where we ran into Bean's parents and they teased me about my watermelon belly.  Everybody laughed but me because I was still right in the middle of my pity parade. 

Fast forward to us getting the new battery in the car, which is working perfectly now.  The afternoon was fine, we ended up making a special dinner together that was really really good.  3-Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Orange-Butter Broccoli.  Seriously, it was heavenly after a long and painful day.  At about 8pm that night, I started to feel menstrual like cramps, and I was praying that they were real contractions this time.  Coming pretty regularly, my tummy was tightening like it should... everything was finally falling into place.  Move to about 10:30 when Bean and I decided to go to bed.  Contractions still coming, everything was great.  I fell asleep pretty quickly and I woke up a few times in the night to pee, contractions were still there.  Woke up this morning and NOTHING.  No pains or tightening of any kind, just the baby wiggling about occasionally.  I woke up blaming myself that this all had stopped, like if I had just stayed awake we could have a baby today...  I am still pretty upset about the whole situation but honestly, what can I do?  If the baby isn't ready to come yet, it just isn't ready.

Here is hoping that today is better...

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