So you want me to spread the word about you?  Awesome.  Even though I am just starting out, I envision BIG things for this little blog.  Because of that, I would love to offer ad space for businesses and other blogs.  Keep in find that I'd like to stick with ads that are in line with mine - crafty, family - oriented.

For information on the blog's stats, pricing, availability, and more, please contact me at
Also keep in mind that because I am just starting out, my prices with be VERY cheap!


Giveaways and Product Reviews

I would love to do either one of these for you!  For giveaways, I ask that the product to be given is worth at least $20 and that you'd be cool with sending two things - one for me to review and one to give to readers!  For more information, please email me at

Product reviews are always fun and a great way to get your products known!  If you would like me to do a review of your product, please contact me with the product information and a tentative date of when you'd like it done by.  Prices and whatnot will be discussed via email at, thank ya.

Thanks for the interest!
- Nicole

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