August 13, 2012

Baby Baby BABY

So I went and did it again, I neglected my poor, sweet blog. 

I've been doing lots of other stuff in the mean time though, really.  Like trying to wish this baby out of me.  We have about a week and a half until our due date at this point and I would LOVE Baby to come prior to that.  Like now.

Besides wishing, I've been working on crochet stuff for a local photographer, CNicholl Photography.  She did my maternity shots and is just fab.  Seriously. 

Recognize the belly band?

Anyway, she has commissioned a hand full of crochet prop hats from me over the past two weeks so I've been busy crocheting.  And she manged to peer pressure me into making a new Etsy shop, miniolives, which is for all my baby stuff.  It's kind of nice to be able to do things other than jewelry, as everyone and their cousin can make a bracelet...

 I also did a bunch of diaper pail liners, which are selling like crazy at the new Etsy - who would have guessed?!

 Oh and a puffy star origami mobile for Baby J's room... it's so damn cute.

Anyway, go check out the new Etsy and a say a quick prayer for a quick labor and delivery for Baby J and I.  And maybe one in the next week, that'd be pretty great.

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