June 20, 2012

Prepare Yourself...

For an impromptu product review that isn't sponsored in any way, seriously.

SO as you have probably read, I'm pregnant.  This can get annoying when I want to clean stuff, because the vinegar/water/baking soda/lemon juice mix isn't strong enough for me and technically I am not supposed to be using my normal cleaners, like Windex and Clorox. (I LOVE BLEACH.)  The past several months, Bean has been doing a majority of the cleaning.  I totally hate this because he works long days and then comes home to scrub the bathroom.  Plus he doesn't get into all the nooks and crannies that I do...

Anyway, I went to Target today to get some crib sheets and return some baby items when I thought to myself, "Nicole, you need to get some of them there or-ganic cleaners."  Yes, I give myself a hick accent, what of it.  As I was perusing the aisles of cleaners and laundry stuff, I noticed the Seventh Generation multi-surface cleaner and the Method brand cleaners.  After a smell test of each kind, I found that the Method French Lavender was MUCH more pleasing to the nose, as the Seventh Generation one smelled like mint and cat pee.  The Method brand also had some other cleaners too, like ones specifically for tub and tile or the kitchen.  I ended up getting : French Lavender Multi-Surface, Antibac (which is the kitchen cleaner), and Bath & Tile.  The Antibac one is Lemon Verbana scented and the Bath & Tile is eucalyptus and mint.  They all smelled SOOOOOO GOOOD.

So I went home and put them on the table, not feeling the urge to clean whatsoever.  I started working on a foot stool for my nursery chair and lo-and-behold, the cat puked in the hallway.  Awesome.  I got up and decided to use my new Method cleaner and ooooooooooh man did it work well.  For some reason, my cat-dog had eaten a turd (I know right?!) and normally that would out-stink any of my normal stuff.  Well the French Lavender covered it right up, which was awesome.  I looked into my bathroom and decided that maybe I should just clean the bathtub, as I took a bath earlier today and it was pretty grungy.  Long story short, I ended up cleaning the entire bathroom, top to bottom.  I seriously want to sit in there on the floor and just breathe, it smells sooo good.  And to top it off, the bathroom got really clean too, which I was a little unsure of as it was organic and not bleach.

Method, you have my attention and my business.  I hope that you, my reader(s?), go out and check this stuff out for yourself.  The price was in line with all of the similar cleaners, in fact I got mine on sale (WHOOT!)

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