July 13, 2012

Will you look at the time...

Yeah... I flaked on my blog for a while.  Sorry about that.

Baby thought it would be super awesome to go into false (?) labor about a week and a half ago, so I've been chillin' and not doing much crafty stuff, IE getting re-addicted to The Sims 3.  Bed rest is on, at least for the next week.  Kind of sucks, but it gives me a good excuse for Bean to pick up the household slack, just a little.

So this false labor thing did not feel very false.  I woke up at about 1 am that night with some mild cramping and an achy back, no big deal.  I got up, got a glass of water, pee'd for the 3rd time, and went back to bed.  Fast forward to about 2:30 am and you'll see me doubled over in pain and crying from the stress of the situation.  I was having contractions, oh god.  They were coming around 20 minutes apart and were lasting for about a minute each.  Thinking that this was probably Braxton Hicks, though mine had not been painful up until this point, I went into the living room and snuggled up in Bean's new leather recliner and put on Tremors 4 (why??).  Seriously, that movie is just the worst.  I love the first one simply because I have so many great memories of my grandfather tied to it.  Why I decided to watch the 4th in the series was beyond me, but I blame my pain-hazed brain for any bad decision making that day.

Anyway, I didn't sleep a wink that night and spend most of the morning hours googling pre-term labor, which was an awful idea.  Not only was I already freaked out, but now I was giving myself more symptoms... I woke up Bean at 5am and told him that he was not going to work that day, I was possibly going into pre-term and we might have a baby later.  Obviously, he freaked out which freaked me out even more.  In a hurry, we packed both hospital bags and made a list of things we still needed to get.  We hadn't packed that yet because neither of us had felt the need, I was only 32 weeks after all.  We not-so-patiently waited until 8, which is when my midwife's office opened and left a message for the charge nurse to call me back right away.  At some point during the interim, the baby started to move down into my pelvis zone, which made the peeing situation like 10 times worse.  UGH.

Because she didn't call us back right at 8:05, we decided that we'd go to Walmart and get some cinnamon rolls.  And the stuff off of our lists, but mostly breakfast.  We are not Walmart people... I do whatever I can to avoid it 90% of the time.  I, again, blame my pain-brain for this lapse in judgement, though I will say that it was much more enjoyable at 8:30 am on a Monday morning, we were one of the few people in there.  The midwife did call me back at about 8:35 and told me to time the contractions and I should just come to my appointment at 1:15 that afternoon that was already scheduled.  Funny thing... around 12:15 my contractions slowed down to about 30 minutes apart, then 40, and by 1:15 they were gone altogether.  Figures.  They did the contraction monitoring thing on us for a while, which was cool because the baby was kicking the paddles and having hiccups the whole time.  While we were trapped in this little room, Bean and I watched a shoe thing on QVC, which was hilarious and really lightened the mood.  All in all, baby was fine, I was fine.  The midwife told us that a) I was officially on bed rest until week 35 and b) that we were not to be intimate in that time frame.  Bean audibly groaned at that last bit, which made me laugh and the midwife feel uncomfortable, which was great.

So that is my excuse for not blogging for the past week, take it or leave it.  I am going to try and pump out another tutorial in the next few days, but I can't promise anything concrete.

Later gators.

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